Year: 2020

“How to Cope with Difficult Situations – 4 Strategies to Self-Soothe”

Self-soothing is a skill that allows us to take care of ourselves when we get hurt, physically or emotionally, feel anxious or overwhelmed, sad or depressed.  We feel better, and we learn to trust and rely on ourselves.  It is an important set of skills that builds a sense of self. 1) Remove yourself from …

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“Self-Soothing – 10 effective coping Skills.”

Self-Soothing for emotional regulation can be quickly accomplished using our 5 senses. Grounding techniques using our senses is simple and an easy way to cope with anxiety, depression, or stress, When we get hurt physically or mentally, feel anxious, or depressed, we all want to feel better. We use a variety of strategies to cope …

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“6 Benefits of Neurofeedback”

The benefits of neurofeedback are numerous, and it can be used by anyone who wants to improve their memory, sleep, sports performance, emotional regulation.  Attention and Focus:  Helps people stay on task!  Research shows neurofeedback has similar results to increase attention and focus for people with ADHD as medication.  However, as medication fades so does …

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